Ask For These Things When You Order A Singing Telegram

Arranging a singing telegram for a friend, family member, or even a co-worker can be a fun and creative way to give some cheer to this individual. There are all sorts of decisions that you'll get to make when you hire a singing telegram company, including what song the performer will sing and what additional message they will share with the recipient. It's often possible to ask for a selection of other things that can help to increase the festive nature of this gift. Here are some things that you may wish to inquire about.


You usually have the ability to request what your singing telegram performer wears when they deliver the telegram. While there's nothing wrong with this person wearing conventional attire, you may have the option of asking them to wear something that really stands out. The list of choices can depend on the singing telegram company, but options may include formalwear such as a tuxedo, a funny costume such as dressing as a clown, or even options that are outlandish — dressing in an animal outfit, for example. How the performer dresses can add a high degree of fun and excitement to the delivery of the message, so don't be afraid to ask what is available.

Magic Trick

There's little question that the performance of a singing telegram can be quite a spectacle, and there are additional ways that your performer can add to the show. One option that some companies make available is the addition of a magic trick. This can especially be a good choice if your performer is wearing a tuxedo, as this is an example of attire that is synonymous with magicians. An exciting magic trick before or after the song will enhance the overall experience for the recipient and provide fun for those who may be gathering around to watch.


Even though the performance that you're arranging can be a gift in itself, you often have the option of adding an actual gift to your package. Options will often include a bouquet of fresh flowers, a selection of helium balloons, or a sweet treat such as chocolate. While the recipient will be excited about the performance, they'll also appreciate a gift. If you're arranging the singing telegram to occur at the person's place of work, they can display their flowers or balloons in their office for their colleagues to see. Contact a singing telegram company to learn more about the services that it offers, like Baconbitz Parties.