Amazement And Amusement During A Corporate Gathering

A hypnotist uses the power of suggestion to get people to subconsciously perform tasks. Although hypnotism is often performed in a private setting and used as a means for someone to break a bad habit, combat a phobia, or manage negative feelings and behaviors, a corporate hypnotist may put a playful spin on things and perform publicly during a company-related event.

What To Expect

Hypnosis or hypnotherapy is a trance-like state. During hypnosis, the senses are heightened and the person who has been hypnotized may be able to focus and concentrate in a clear manner. During a live event, an audience will observe and listen to a hypnotist and will witness how a participant who has undergone hypnotherapy responds to the hypnotist's commands.

A group activity does not need to take on a somber tone. When a corporate hypnotist gives a group demonstration, they tend to involve the audience and make light of the situation by requesting that the participants in the activity perform silly actions or state things that they would not normally be accustomed to doing or saying.

How An Act May Unfold

When planning your corporate event, consider what type of setting will support a viewing area and a performance area. If you have a board room that is used for large meetings, it may provide sufficient space for a hypnotist to perform their act and interact with the attendees.

If an onsite performance is not possible, book a room at an event venue. Interview some corporate hypnotists, and ask each one some questions about the length of the performances that they are noted for and the manner in which they hypnotize people who attend their events. If humor is going to be one of the main focuses of the event that you will be orchestrating, find out what types of jokes, props, and hypnotic methods a hypnotist will incorporate into an event, if you hire them. 

How Your Employees May Respond

There are people who believe in hypnosis, there are those who are wary about it, and there are those who are adamantly against hypnosis. The corporate hypnotist who you hire can either select participants from your pool of workers, or you can ask your workers if they are willing to take part in an entertainment activity that involves the use of a hypnotist. If you decide to seek participants in advance, let the entertainer know who they are, and set aside a separate seating area that is near the stage where the event will take place.

For more information on this entertainment method, contact a corporate hypnotist, such as The Amazing Arthur Fratelli.