Hire A Speed Painter For An Impending Birthday Party

If you would like to add a high-energy activity to an impending birthday party to wow your guests, hire a speed painter who can create several works of art in front of you and the other attendees. A speed painter may have a specific niche that they incorporate into their artwork and may provide custom services or package deals.

The Session

Each speed painter will have an individual art style and will have a set way of providing their audience with visuals throughout the painting process. Some artists may use their humor or friendly personality to keep people entertained, and others may be less vocal and more focused on their artwork.

When interviewing entertainers who provide speed painting sessions, you may be supplied with some video recordings of past painting sessions or some photographs of finished art creations. A speed painted can paint a mural on a large piece of paper that is secured to a wall, or they can paint individual portraits on an easel as your guests look on and chat.

To find the best painter for your function, ask about each painter's interests, including any specialties that have aided in their journey to become a popular entertainer. Cartoon or movie characters, animals, famous people, or mystical creatures are some categories that an artist may have experience in. Each painter can be booked for a set amount of time, or they may offer a certain number of paintings that will be produced during their live session.

Personalized Plans Or A Package

Personalized plans may include having a speed painter create reproductions of some of your guests. This type of service would allow people to acquire keepsakes that they can bring home with them. A speed painter may not have enough time to paint a picture of everyone, so you will need to think of a fair way to offer this type of service to your guests. Consider placing your guests' names in a hat and drawing names at random or holding a contest to determine the winners.

If a speed painter offers a package deal, you may be able to receive some additional services with the cost of each painting that you pay for. Ask the entertainer what types of incentives they offer. Choose an individual entertainment session or a package deal, based upon your preferences. 

For more information about speed painters and the services and entertainment they can offer, reach out to a local professional in the field.