About Getting A Funeral Bagpiper For A Memorial Service

Many funerals incorporate the bellowing hum of bagpipes as part of the ceremony, almost resembling the sound of sorrow coming from those closest to the deceased. Bagpipes evoke emotion so well at funerals due to that unique sound, complemented by the rich history of the instrument. Use this brief overview to learn more about funeral bagpipes. 

History of Bagpipes

Surprisingly, bagpipes originated in the ancient Middle East before becoming associated with Scotland and Ireland. While all bagpipes contain essentially the same components, there are different versions from different areas and time periods. The modern funeral bagpiper plays the Great Highland Bagpipes derived from the mountains of northern Scotland.

Bagpipe Components

Learn the different components of a bagpipe to appreciate the instrument even more:

  • Bag - usually made from sheepskin, the bag holds air from the player until the player presses the air out
  • Blowpipe - mouthpiece where the player fills the bag with air 
  • Drones - single-note pipes with one reed at the top of the bagpipe
  • Chanter - a handle with a double reed and multiple holes; the player covers and uncovers the holes to play different notes

Most Appropriate Services For Bagpipes

The distinct sound of bagpipes doesn't fit every person's style or the aesthetic of every service. 

Naturally, families with Scottish and Irish ancestry often have bagpipes at funeral services, as it's a part of their culture. Over time, the culture immigrated to America, bringing bagpipes with it. Soon, bagpipes became popular during funerals for police officers, firemen, and military personnel. The tradition continues 150 years later. 

Funeral bagpipes continue to attract other social groups as well. 

Cost of A Funeral Bagpiper

The cost for a funeral bagpiper varies greatly depending on the duration of the service and the demand for the particular funeral bagpiper. However, on average, a funeral bagpiper will cost $200 - $350 for an hour appointment (about 15 minutes of actual playing). The bagpiper will arrive in a kilt and other traditional attire.

Popular Funeral Bagpipe Songs

These are some of the most common bagpipe songs used in funeral services:

  • Amazing Grace
  • Danny Boy
  • Going Home
  • The Mountains of Mourne
  • My Lagan Love

You will gift your loved one with a memorable and heartwarming service with the addition of a funeral bagpiper. Bagpipes produce loud sounds, so plan the service carefully so that the bagpipes don't play at an inopportune time.

Reach out to a funeral bagpiper to learn more.